Friday, April 13, 2012

Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window - OPI

Today I have for you another polish from OPI's Touring America collection from 2011. This is the type of colour that I love (I know I say that about everything). I love earthy, dirty colours and this one is the perfect representation of that... 'Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window'.

Uh-Oh Roll Down The Windows, OPI Touring America, swatch
'Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window' is a perfect olive green. I know that some people think of this as being an ugly polish, but sometimes it's the "ugliest" colours that are the most gorgeous.

Uh-Oh Roll Down The Windows, OPI Touring America, swatch
In sunlight, 'Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window' darkens up a bit and becomes a little less yellow-toned.

Uh-Oh Roll Down The Windows, OPI Touring America, swatch
Indoors, in less light this polish blackens out further. I really love this shade so much!

'Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window' has an easy formula. It flows nicely and is perfectly thin. These photos show two coats and on some of my fingers this looks too sheer but believe me, in real life you would never know.


  1. ò.O I don't think is ugly, I think is kind of elegant *_*

    ¬_¬ and again lucky you, we don't have OPI, and if you find one is super expensive, you have to sell your kidneys and more.

    I only have 1, and was a gift T_T

    I love the tone at sunlight! :D


    1. I agree that this colour isn't ugly :) Haha I can imagine selling my kidneys for other brands! I just can't imagine OPI being hard to get. Check other blogs closer to you that do swaps. You might be able to get some that way. To be honest I still buy a lot of my OPI's online even though they're easy to get, because it can be a lot cheaper that way. Polish is super expensive here too.
      Which OPI do you have by the way?

    2. I find OPI on internet for 16 or 17 euros, that's a lot! I mean I'm not buying gold you know? ¬_¬

      I have "my address is hollywood" is super cute *_*

    3. I'm just going to reply to this one instead of both! :) I hope your friend liked our little country! yea OPI costs around $26-$27 so they aren't cheap here either but like I said I buy a lot of it online.
      I have a mini bottle of 'My Address is Hollywood' it is a cute one! :)


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