Saturday, April 28, 2012

Avalon - a-england

I finally made the jump and ordered 'Avalon' from a-england. Why did it take me so long? I generally don't wear a lot of purple polish, not because a don't like it, I just don't seem to wear it. Well 'Avalon' went and changed that for me!

Avalon, a-england swatch
'Avalon' is the most wonderfully royal purple I've ever seen! The purple is insanely intense.

Avalon, a-england swatch
'Avalon' feels so rich and regal. It is a bright, "look-at me" colour, but it remains elegant and maintains a certain sophistication.

Avalon, a-england swatch
What sets this polish apart is its amazing shimmer. 'Avalon' is full of all sorts of shimmer including red and blue shimmer as well as plenty of purple shimmer. It's so pretty in the sun!

Avalon, a-england swatch
In indirect light, 'Avalon' almost looks like a duochrome. It seems to flash electric blue.

Avalon, a-england swatch
I just had to add in this one last photo. This was taken after 6 days of wearing this polish! 6 days!!! Amazing. Polish never lasts this long on me for several reasons - generally I get bored pretty quickly and want to change it, but also I'm not always super careful with my nails and they tend to chip after a couple of days (especially at work with hands always in water etc). So 'Avalon' lasting 6 days is pretty much a record for me.

The formula of 'Avalon' was exactly what I have come to expect from a-england polishes. It was easy, easy, easy to apply. It's the sort of polish which is just the right type of thick - buttery and so easy to spread on the nail. These photos show 2 coats and in some photos you can see a tiny bit of VNL, but in real life this was perfectly opaque.

a-england polishes can be purchased from their website. The polishes are £9 and Adina offers free worldwide shipping!

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