Sunday, April 8, 2012

Riveting - China Glaze

I am having blogging withdrawal! I have been slightly AWOL as I am visiting my family for a few days during the Easter break. I have just had the most delicious family dinner and am SO full as I type this.

I have finally got a few of The Hunger Games polishes from China Glaze and I absolutely love the ones I got. This is 'Riveting' which, as the name suggests, really is riveting.

Riveting, China Glaze, The Hunger Games, Swatch
'Riveting' is a gorgeous bright, burnt orange with glitter that seems to shift between orange and gold. The glitter in this beauty is the kind of glitter I mentioned in my last post ('I Don't Give A Rotterdam') - sort of flakie, sort of glass flecked, but not quite either. I just can't get enough of it.

Riveting, China Glaze, The Hunger Games, Swatch
'Riveting' is the polish representing District 3 (technology), but I have just started the book and while I read it, this is what comes to mind during the opening ceremonies - "The girl who was on fire".

Riveting, China Glaze, The Hunger Games, Swatch
In more indirect light, 'Riveting' still shines like nothing else. The glitter particles seem to always be prominent. I love how they seem as though they are floating in a viscous fluid. This polish has a real depth to it.

Riveting, China Glaze, The Hunger Games, Swatch
Close-up... See the suspended look of the glitter... Love...

So from all my gushing, it's probably safe to assume that I love this polish. I am certainly one for a polish that stands out in the crowd and 'Riveting' is certainly an eye-catcher! The formula on this was thinner than I expected, but definitely not in a bad way. The first coat was surprisingly sheer, but it built up really nicely. Two coats was nearly enough (in fact it was enough for my left hand), but for the sake of photos, I am showing you three coats. I used Orly 'Bonder' as the base coat and Essie 'Good To Go' on top.


  1. so pretty!!!!!! I bought this on ebay and I received today!! I want to try it so badly!!! *___________*

    your nails are super pretty :3

    1. So what are you waiting for?! lol. I was the same when it arrived to me. It is even better in real life!
      And thanks! *blushes*

    2. hahaha I'm waiting for the movie!! The release is next friday sooooo I will paint my nails the day before to honor the movie >_<

      I think I will buy all the collection but one by one because this collection didn't arrive to Spain (what a shame!) so I only can buy them online and they are super expensive :(

      At this moment I have Riveting and Smoke and ashes :D


    3. Good idea! I have to buy all China Glaze online because we hardly get any polishes in NZ. OPI's about the only brand that's really easy to get here so we're lucky for that but not for anything else :( I'm going to see the movie on Sunday. I think maybe I'll wear Fast Track. It's so beautiful.

    4. you must wear it!!

      I saw you are form NZ!!! I have one chi chi polish nail from there :D my friend was there 2 months ago and she bought me 1 chi chi and 1 opi *_*

      the other day searching for the hunger game collection I found that Amazon sells china glaze at a very good price :D cheapest than ebay *_*

  2. Yum!!! looks like orange sherbet!


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